Android 10 Officially Released By Google and Here Are Its Top 10 Features


Android 10 finally released by Google!

android 10 release date
Android 10 | Source:

Google has finally released its most anticipated Android 10 after a long wait. Google has also shifted from desserts names to simple numerical names from this Android onwards. So Android Q is going to be called as Android 10 only. Google has refreshed the Android logo too. Now, instead of the full green robot body, you’ll see only its head beside the android text. Now let’s dive into the Top 10 cool new features of Android 10 one by one which makes it one of the best Android versions made ever and Android 10 release date for other phones is also discussed below.

Android 10 Features:

1. System-Wide Dark Mode

android 10 dark theme release date
Dark Theme in Android 10 | Source:

This is one of the most demanding features asked by every user for its app and OS. But don’t worry this time Google is going to bring system-wide dark mode in Android 10. Android 10 new dark theme uses the true black color to keep your smartphone’s battery last longer and it will also reduce the strain on your eyes in the low-light conditions.

For the app developers, Google also created a new API which they can use in their apps to go to a dark theme as well when the system-wide option is turned on. Therefore, it’ll take some time to see the dark mode inside your favorite Android apps.

“But till then you can enjoy this dark theme in the main Android 10 UI and in most of the Google apps”

2. Gesture-Based Navigation

Google has upgraded the Android navigational buttons to the fully gesture-based navigations in Android 10. You can swipe up to go to the home screen, swipe up and hold will reveal your recent apps, and you can switch between different apps and go back by just swiping from left and right edge of your smartphone screen.

If you wanna switch back to old navigation buttons, Android 10 allows you to select Android 9 two-button system and the traditional three-button array.

“Some smartphones will provide you this setting and some will not”

3. Live Caption

live caption
Live Caption in Android 10 | Source:

Closed captions are very important and crucial for deaf and hard-of-hearing people to understand what is been said in a video, game, podcast, and in any other form of media where words are spoken by people.

Fortunately, Android 10 has arrived with the Live Caption functionality which allows you to automatically caption the video, podcasts, audio messages, etc. in just a single tap. This will be the true companion for hearing-disabled people.

“The great thing is that you don’t even need a cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection and it all happens locally inside your device”

4. Stronger Privacy Controls

As you already know for the user, privacy is the topmost priority and by keeping this thought in mind, Android 10 is arriving with the new and smarter privacy controls which will let you decide when and how your data is been shared and accessed by the app.

You can adjust all your privacy settings in a single place. You can decide which and for how long your web and app activity data is stored. You can even control your location access used by any app by just selecting any one of the options

– “all the time, only while using the app, or never”

In Android 10, you can also opt-out of ad retargeting and personalization in order to instruct apps not to use your advertising ID to build profiles or show you personalized ads.

5. Smart Reply

smart reply
Smart Reply in Android 10 | Source:

In Android 10, You can take action right as you reply. Beside getting suggested replies in the messages, you can get suggested actions too. For example: If your friend asks you to go for dinner then your phone will suggest you reply to him, OK! and will automatically open Google Maps to find the right restaurant. Isn’t cool!

“It even works in messaging apps like Signal”

6. Sound Amplifier

While running latest Android 10, your phone can filter background noise, boost sound, and fine-tune the audio for your best listening experience. You can now plug in your headphone and enjoy your favorite audio, videos, and podcasts with the best audio ever.

“Can this feature be compared with the Samsung Galaxy video amplification feature?”

7. Faster Security Updates

Google is now introducing the new Google Play system updates in Android 10, which is going to provide the system updates including bugs, security, and privacy fixes. So now you’ll be getting the latest Android software updates directly from Google play, just the same way you receive all other apps update.

8. Focus Mode

android 10 focus mode
Focus Mode in Android 10 | Source:

Google is introducing the new Focus Mode feature in this latest Android version as a part of digital well being, to let you remain focused by pausing the ‘distracting apps’ in just a single tap. The apps remain paused until the focus mode is turned on. After turning off the Focus Mode, the paused apps become active again.

In order to enable this feature, you’ll first have to select the distracting apps in Android settings and when you’ll turn on focus mode either from Android settings or from Quick Settings toggle, the selected apps will be paused temporarily.

“This feature is currently in beta and you can become a beta tester to enjoy this feature earlier than non-beta users”

9. Family Link

In Android 10, you can control your and your kids’ online activity in a more better way than before. You can set screen time limits, manage apps and content restrictions, view app activity, and keep a check on your kids’ device location.

“Checking others device location will surely let you feel like a spy!”

10. Different Theming Options

Android is the best OS in the terms of user customization and with Android 10, Google is (kind of) giving you various new ways to differentiate your device from others. Secretly located in the Developer Options of Android 10, there is a new Theming section where you can change your device accent color. The device default accent color is the iconic Pixel blue, but you can change this to any of the following colors:

“Black, Purple, Green, Cinnamon, Ocean, Orchid, Space”

Android 10 Release Date For Other Devices:

After six major public Android 10 beta updates, Google has officially introduced the final build of Android 10 on September 3, 2019, making it the official Android 10 release date. Android 10 is rolling out to Google’s Pixel devices, including the newest Pixel 3a and going all the way back to the original Pixel which was released back in 2016.

“You can either wait for Android 10 to arrive via an OTA update, or you can manually download and install the update for yourself”

If your device isn’t Pixel, then you have to wait for OEM’s to optimize Android 10 for their handsets. The update will be made available to your smartphones by other companies later this year after the official Android 10 release date passes.

Android 10 Supported Devices, Release Date:

Google in its official blog post written that in addition to supporting next-gen Android phones, Android 10 will be supported in foldable phones and in 5G phones too. Some of the listed devices are Samsung Galaxy Fold, LG V50 5G ThinQ, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Xiaomi Mi Mix 5G and OnePlus 7 Pro 5G among others.

“If you have recently purchased an Android smartphone, then sit back and relax. Android 10 will be in your smartphone till the end of this year”

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Till then, you can enjoy this video made by Google to tell you some of the cool features of Android 10.

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