Apple iPhone 12 Review: The iPhone You Must Buy in 2021

Every year, Apple releases a line-up of brand new iPhones. But in the year 2020, Apple took some groundbreaking decisions on the launch event of the iPhone 12. So, without wasting much time let’s head over to those decisions in this Apple iPhone 12 review (excluding pro models and mini). This is an honest review as this article is not sponsored by Apple.

Apple iPhone 12 Review: Amazing Display

apple iphone 12 review oled displays
iPhone 12 New OLED Display | Credits: Apple

The first amazing thing Apple has included in its 2020 iPhones is that iPhone 12 comes with the fresh OLED displays which were missing in iPhone 11 (non-pro models). Earlier Apple used to give only LCD displays in their non-pro iPhone models. But from this year, they decided to give OLED displays to the complete iPhone 12 series (both pro and non-pro models).

The new OLED display in iPhone 12 is gorgeous and you will fall in love with it. The colors are more bright and the black is darker. The contrast of the iPhone 12 display is also great and you can watch Dolby Vision content with amazing picture quality. The bezels are also less as compared to the previous iPhones. You also get better protection on the new display with the newly-introduced Ceramic Shield which provides 4x better drop performance.

ceramic shield
New Ceramic Shield On iPhone 12 Display | Credits: Apple

I’ll not go deep in technical details of the display in iPhone 12 but for the unknowns, I must tell you that Apple has missed 120 Hz display again in the complete iPhone 12 series. So, in iPhone 12 you will get only a 60 Hz display.

According to my opinion, this must not bother you a lot until you are a true lover of games and fast refresh-rate displays as seen in the latest Android smartphones. According to the rumors, you can expect 120 Hz refresh-rate displays in the next iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s series.

“But you already know in Apple products you always get everything less in quantity whether its RAM or battery but in terms of performance they leave others far behind. That’s weird lol!”

Apple iPhone 12 Review: Pro-Grade Cameras

iphone 12 deep fusion
A Sample Shot Captured With iPhone 12 Using Deep Fusion Technology | Credits: Apple

In the new iPhone 12, Apple has decided to include Dolby Vision supported cameras which is a mind-blowing move in a smartphone camera department. You can record Dolby Vision HDR videos up to 30 fps which will make your normal recordings shine as professional videos. In iPhone 12 you will get two 12MP lenses at the rear out of which one is wide-angle and another is ultra-wide-angle. You can also zoom up to 2x for the closer shots.

In iPhone 12 Pro models, you get Dolby Vision recording support up to 60 fps and one extra telephoto lens with a LiDAR Scanner in the rear camera setup. But I don’t recommend spending INR 40-50,000 extra for just these unnecessary upgrades in the camera until and unless you have its true need.

Your iPhone 12 only can make you a pro photographer and also at a lower price than these pro models. For the beautiful selfie, you again get a 12MP camera that can take amazing portrait shots, and with beautiful studio lighting effects, you can make your selfies look more professional.

Apple iPhone 12 Review: 5G Arrives In An iPhone

iphone 12 5g review
A Glimpse of iPhone 12 5G Connectivity | Credits: Apple

From iPhone 12, Apple finally decided to give 5G support in the upcoming iPhones. With 5G support, you will get a future-proof iPhone 12 and you will be tension-free for the next 4-5 years, till the time 6G arrives, especially in India! Airtel is planning to launch 5G services in India soon this year.

Apple iPhone 12 Review: Other New Specs And Features

iphone 12 magsafe
iPhone 12 MagSafe | Credits: Apple

The above features were the key upgrades in iPhone 12. Other new features in this iPhone include a new A14 Bionic chip, improved Face ID for faster unlock, water-resistant up to 6 meters till 30 minutes, and MagSafe for wireless charging, and attaching the wallet cases. For full technical specs of iPhone 12 and to see a detailed comparison of iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12, visit here.

Apple iPhone 12 Price In India:

The iPhone 12 (non-mini) starting price in India is been set to INR 79,900 which you will consider as more and not budget-friendly. This price is obvious as this new iPhone is only three months old at the time of writing this article. Its price can drop up to 20,000 in upcoming sales on Flipkart and Amazon later this year (in 2021). If you want to buy this new iPhone then just wait for the right sale on these e-commerce websites.

“You can also avail exciting bank discounts and offers while purchasing this device either from online or offline Apple stores”

For the unknowns, iPhone 12 Pro starting price in India is been set to INR 1,19,900, and for iPhone 12 Pro Max starting price in India is been set to INR 1,29,900. If you are a true pro user then you can purchase these pro models else your most work can be accomplished by the non-pro iPhone 12 only.

My Final Verdict On iPhone 12:

If you’re an iPhone lover and want a future-proof iPhone with all the latest specs and a powerful A14 Bionic Chip, then iPhone 12 can be the best choice in 2021, at least before the next Apple Event later this year. The addition of OLED displays in the complete iPhone 12 series is the best move by Apple and because of it only most are picking iPhone 12 only as compared to its Pro versions and previous year’s iPhones.

“If you want a more compact 5G iPhone then you can go for iPhone 12 Mini else stick to iPhone 12”

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