Coronavirus Maps: Know How Hackers Are Using It To Hack Your Device

Many organizations are introducing dashboards to track up-to-date information about COVID-19. But the hackers are using this method to hack your device by installing fake Coronavirus Maps inside your device. They are using a very tricky technique to infect your device.

Coronavirus Maps Are Used For Hacking:

coronavirus maps
Credit: TheNextWeb

Coronavirus maps are useful to know where this virus is spreading rapidly. But the hackers are implementing fake maps to trap the users into their greedy needs. Recently, Shai Alfasi, a security researcher at Reason Labs, has revealed that hackers are using these Coronavirus maps to steal information of users including user names, credit card numbers, passwords, and other info stored in your browser. 

Hackers are designing websites related to Coronavirus in a way that it prompts you to download an application to keep you updated on the COVID-19 situation. The application doesn’t need any installation on your device, and only shows you a map of how COVID-19 is spreading. But you don’t know that it is a front for attackers to generate a malicious binary file and install it on your computer or other devices.

For the unknowns, these websites look like genuine maps for tracking Coronavirus, but in original they have a different URL from the original source. Currently, the malware is only affecting Windows machines. But according to Alfasi, attackers are working on a new version that might affect other systems too. 

Alfasi stated that this method used malicious software known as AZORult, which was first found in the year 2016. The software is made to steal personal and sensitive data from your computer and infect those data with other malware as well.

AZORult can steal browsing history, ID/passwords, cookies, cryptocurrency and more. It can also install malicious software on your device. There is also a new version of AZORult that can install a secret admin account on your computer to perform remote attacks.

According to security research firm Check Point, Coronavirus related domains are 50 percent more likely to install malware in your system. So, beware of these malicious Coronavirus domains in order to prevent your device from getting hacked!

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