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You always love to take pictures and selfies either from your personal cameras or from smartphones. But the images taken by that camera seems to look ‘still’. Obviously, the images will be still only!. But can you imagine how to animate your still photos? Enlight Pixaloop can do some magic here!

No, I’m not talking about ‘Live photo’ on iPhones or Pixels. But I am talking about the photography fashion which is been used nowadays as a trend. One of an application is providing various features to animate your still images and helps in bringing your images back to life.

Enlight Pixaloop is an application used to apply animation to still images in an effortless way. You can choose the particular object in an image to animate leaving other objects still. Though there are many softwares available in the market to make this task happen but require extensive training and research on the images before completing the task.

But this small application can do a lot of magic similar to some heavy software like Photoshop. Here the Enlight Pixaloop wins by making the process of ‘applying an animation effect in still image’ easier. According to the developer ” Any photo element: strands of hair, waves, clouds, or clothing can be animated”.

There are many features present inside this small application. Some are free and some are paid. But the free features are sufficient to make your images look great. You can also share the images with your friends on social media after applying magical effects in your photos. Some of the best features of this app are given below.

Enlight Pixaloop Features:-

  • Arrows
  • Anchors
  • Freeze and Unfreeze Brushes
  • Real-Time Animation Speed Control
  • Choice of loop styles
  • Camera FX
  • Zoom in and out
  • Cool Overlays like flames and raindrops to add mood
  • Animate as many areas of your photo as you like
  • Export to social media in multiple formats
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Freeform paths for intuitive, freehand-style

Download It Right Now!

Officially this app is currently available to iOS only. If you are an iPhone user then you must download this application from this link in order to experience its great features and also create and share beautiful animating still images.

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