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Hello, Hitech’ian welcome back to my another tech post. In this post, I am going to to tell you about the viral app on the internet- FaceApp. What it is and how it functions? Why FaceApp download is increasing day by day? All the stuff I am going to explain to you when you scroll your page down. I have also discussed its privacy and have also given my personal opinion on it. So, without wasting much time let’s head over to it.

FaceApp Download- The FaceChanger!

FaceApp is a mobile application which is used to change the look of the person by using AI. By using this app, you can see what you will look after 50-60 years later. If you don’t want to look old, you can also look young by going 30-40 years backward.

You can experiment with different types of hairstyles and facial make-ups. No matter you are a girl or a boy, there is an enormous feature present for both genders. Due to these realistic transformations in this app, everyone is experimenting with their face after downloading it.

After downloading this app, people are also challenging their friends for FaceApp Challenge on social media. Isn’t it cool?

FaceApp- Its Origin!

Though this app has gone viral in 2019, it was released 2 years ago in 2017 for both Android and iOS platform. FaceApp is a mobile application which is been developed by Russian company Wireless Lab. Hope you have now known its origin.

FaceApp- How It Works and What Are Its Features?

faceapp download imageone
FaceApp AI tools | source: FaceApp website

Now its time to know how this app works and what is the technology behind this. The main technology behind the magic of this app is- AI(Artificial Intelligence). This app uses AI and neural network technology which is used to automatically generate highly realistic changes on the faces of the user. Below are some of the features which you can use inside this app:-

1. If you are a male, then you can try different types of beards.

2. You can experiment different types of hairstyles and hair colors.

3. You can try on different glasses on your eyes.

4. You can see how your face look when you are old and when you were young with ‘age’ and ‘young’ feature.

5. You can do an experiment by adding different impressions, make-up, and smiles on your faces.

6. Apart from doing experiments on your faces, you can also edit your image in a professional way by using features like Filters and lens blur. You can also change the background of the image by adding overlays, tattoos, and vignettes.

Some of these features are free and while others come with a paid subscription bundle named as FaceApp Pro.

FaceApp- Its Relation with Controversies and My View On It:

As you all know nowadays user privacy is a big concern for the user and for the app makers also. The topic of user privacy became strong and came into the news when recently, many famous tech companies have sold precious user data to the other companies, thus violating the user privacy rules.

Now, the main concern of privacy in this app is that when you click and edit your photograph while using this app then the same photograph is also uploaded on the application’s cloud server which you all know, is mainly situated in Russia. According to many sources, the image which you have clicked can be used by the app makers in various ways online or offline.

By seeing these rumors, FaceApp developers said in a statement that the photos which are uploaded on their servers are deleted automatically after 48 hours. They have also cleared one more thing that only the photo which the user edit is only uploaded on their servers, and not the whole photo album!

When you install the app, it asks for your permission to access your phone’s gallery which also gives permission to the app makers to gain control on your personal albums. This can be a risky move by the user while giving the app, the permissions. But before blaming this app, just think of the apps like Instagram and Facebook, they also deal with our photographs and even our contact info also. Aren’t they? So, if we can give them permission to access our photos and personal info then we can give it too!

I am neither saying to install this app nor I am promoting this app. This app is just for fun, just like Tik-Tok and Snapchat. I am just reminding you of the fact if we can give permission to other ‘risky’ tech companies to access our photographs, then there is no harm in giving permission to this app too.

FaceApp Download Availablity:

FaceApp is available to download on both iOS and Android platforms. If you are an iOS user, then you can download from this link for FaceApp iOS download. If you are using an Android smartphone, then you can download from this link for FaceApp APK download.  Due to its realistic AI transformations, FaceApp download is increasing day by day and this app is trending as number 1 in both the AppStore and PlayStrore in many countries.

Beware of Fake Apps and Fake FaceApp Download!

Before installing this app just check its original publisher and developer. If anything looks suspicious, then don’t install it. As there are many other fake apps in the PlayStore and AppStore with the name ‘FaceApp’, and when they are installed on the phone, then they also automatically install malware and adware. Due to these viruses, fake ads are started to be displayed in your smartphone.

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What are you planning to do with this app? Are you going to change your hairstyle or want to do experiment with its ‘old’ feature? Tell me in the comments section and do not forget to subscribe HitechDivyanshu to get latest tech posts right in your inbox. Follow HitechDivyanshu on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to remain up-to-date with technology.

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