Fortnite mobile game for Android Surpasses 15 Million Installs

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Currently famous mobile game, Fortnite for Android has exceeded the milestone of 15 million installs,  less than a month after its proper release, according to developer Epic Games. The Battle Royale game that is currently in an invite-only stage is also believed to have managed to attract more than 23 million players on Android devices. The team at Epic Games has been working since January this year to bring Fortnite to Android with the experience comparable to what originally arrived on iOS devices. Alongside announcing insights about its Android version through a blog post, the Tencent-backed company has solely announced that it is adjusting the performance of Fortnite on iOS platform.

Developer Epic Games team writes in a blog post “While we are in an invite-only phase for Android, our conversion from players being invited to playing is similar to that of the iOS beta.” Unlike its iOS copy that is available for download directly through the Apple App Store, Fortnite for Android is not available through Google Play. This rise the chances of malware being distributed in the form of fake Fortnite apps. However, Epic Games says it has a private team dedicated to “proactively search for new malware sites” and employed a third-party IP and anti-fraud enforcement agency to help its policing efforts. The company says, “This partnership allows us to detect and monitor new domains that are registered with suspicious URLs so that if they evolve into malicious sites, Epic can take appropriate action up to and including litigation.” Google is independently highlighting the matter that the Fortnite game isn’t available on Google Play. Further, the company claims that to date, it has taken down as many as 47 malware sites.

Fortnite mobile game journey on Android:

The introductory journey of Fortnite mobile game for Android was started with Samsung, and the iconic game that takes on PUBG Mobile debuted on the Galaxy Note 9. The Epic Games states, “Samsung sent engineers to multiple Epic offices worldwide and worked directly with our engineers on optimizations and performance analysis, and contributed many code changes especially for the Vulkan renderer. Using instrumented test phones and their in-house engineering tools, they were able to give us insight into what our performance and memory bottlenecks were and how to address them”. Aside from its initial partnership with Samsung, Epic Games worked with Google to optimize the Fortnite game for the Android ecosystem. The company also worked with partners such as Qualcomm, ARM, Imagination Technologies, Huawei’s HiSilicon, and Razer to evaluate and optimize the game on different hardware specs.

Fragmentation largely occurs on Android as in addition to a variety of smartphone models, the nature of Android is much more distinct. Epic Games says that it noticed more than 92 percent of Fortnite users are on Android 8.0 Oreo platform, while hardly eight percent are running Android 7.0 Nougat, and less than 0.5 percent are on an Android version released in 2015 or earlier
. In order to handle the complexity of the platform, the company used a hierarchical device profile system in Unreal Engine and developed four performance profiles, namely Low, Mid, High, and Epic. This helps to adjust scalability settings in the engine and enhances the experience according to the hardware. The company adds, “On top of this, we have a set of GPU profiles, e.g. Mali G72 and Adreno 54x. These GPU profiles choose a performance profile that best fits the hardware’s capabilities as well as allowing us to enable optimizations or workarounds needed for that specific hardware. Finally, we have a set of device-specific profiles, e.g. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Adreno and Google Pixel 2 XL. This final layer of device profiles allow us to enable further workarounds or optimisations on specific devices where needed”.

While developer Epic Games is busy in improving the experience on Android, it is also correcting the performance on iOS. The company in a Reddit post accepted that it has fixed the problems and bugs that are making the iOS performance in a rough state and is working on getting a patch out soon. The company said in the Reddit post, “We know you’re eager to get
started on those High Stakes Challenges and try out the Gateway LTM. We’ll let you know as soon as we have an update for when the patch will go live.”

It is not clear that when the updated Fortnite for iOS platform will hit the App Store. However, Epic Games has shown that apart from its interest towards growing Fortnite’s presence on Android, it is equally focusing on improving the experience for iOS users. This is essential as the company wants to defeat PUBG Mobile that has more than 100 million downloads on Android and iOS platforms and over three million players in the US alone.

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