Gboard | Smart Search for Relevant Content Currently under Testing

Hello, Hitech’ians welcome back to my another tech post. In this post, I will tell you about the latest Gboard feature made available by Google. So, without wasting time let’s head over to it.

Gboard- Smart Search for Relevant Content Discovery:

Google Gboard team is now testing a new element that makes search smarter, offering users contextual content results on the Gboard, based on what they type. The ‘G’ logo that sits on the top left of Gboard app, converts into different icons to let you know that there is other suitable content that you can use instead of the text you’ve just typed. You can turn this feature
off in Gboard settings if you find it unuseful. The testing of this feature is disclosed to have started a long time ago, with indication going as far as July, but now the feature is being tested on more devices and has been refined as well. For now, reports of it displaying up are coming from Android devices, though the feature can be expected to arrive in Gboard iOS devices at some point in the future.

According to Android Police, the new feature now has a tooltip to mark you towards the feature, and a new card has also been included to explain what the feature does. This new smart search feature identifies when you’re typing, and if it finds something that it can help you with, it converts the Google ‘G’ logo into a smiley face, search icon, or a GIF icon. The report shows screenshots of the smiley face icon, and when you tap it, it shows you suitable content. In this particular case, it displays stickers relevant to words ‘works for me.’

The G logo transforms to a smiley face on Gboard | Image credit: Android Police

The report tells that the ‘G’ logo will also change into a search icon if you type in names of celebrities. The search icon gives out info card (which can also be shared) about the celebrity in question. Finally, the GIF icon will arrive if you type a keyword that will trigger it. For example, if you type ‘heart GIF’, then the ‘G’ logo will automatically change into a GIF icon, tapping which will provide you with many heart GIF options. Keywords like ‘dog’ and ‘heart’ may also trigger the GIF icon.

As specified, this feature can be turned off in Gboard Search settings. This feature is still currently in testing and is still on the server-side of things, so even if you’re on the latest beta you might not detect it. Also, practically, the smart search feature delivers nothing new as such, as GIFs, stickers, and search were already an element of Gboard. This feature basically prompts you proactively, letting you know that there is something suitable for you based on the text you have typed. There is no news on when it will roll out commercially for all users.

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