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Are you planning to make a new website? Then you must also be looking for cheap SSL certificates to make your site secure. Congrats!, you have landed to the right place. Here, I am going to tell you how to get a free SSL certificate without spending a single penny.

What is an SSL Certificate and Why is it Important?

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Before telling how to get a free SSL certificate, I must tell you a few things about SSL and its importance nowadays. As you already know, Google changes its search algorithms several times each year. Because of this, Google has now made SSL certificate compulsory for every website. A website with SSL certificate is known to be ‘secure’ which gives a good signal to the Google search engine crawler and your website ranks higher in Google search results.

An SSL certificate mainly protects your website from attackers, spams, and bots. This proves to be useful while making payments online as it protects you and your money from cyber theft. This is all about the SSL certificate and its importance. Now head over to the working of an SSL certificate.

How SSL Certificate Protects Your Website?

SSL certificate mainly works on a secure protocol which secures your precious data. SSL certificate adds a security layer on the data traveling between the website and the user’s browser. This makes the data safe from attacks and stealing.

In a technical way, SSL protects information of the user by encrypting the data transfer between a website and a user’s computer. When the website is secured by SSL certificate, a green padlock appears in the top left corner of an address bar of the browser. By installing an SSL certificate regular HTTP protocol changes to HTTPS where ‘S’ refers to secured.


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Working of an SSL | Source: wpbeginner

When any user visits an SSL/HTTPS website, their browser first verifies that the website’s SSL certificate is valid or not? If everything checks out, then the browser uses the website’s public key to encrypt the precious data. This data is then sent back to the intended server or website where it is decrypted using the public key and a secret private key.

Hope you have understood what SSL is and how it works!

How to Get a Free SSL Certificate?

Now, the main topic comes here for which you have landed to this website. How to get a free SSL certificate? Before telling this I must tell you about the original price of a regular SSL certificate if you plan to buy it. Some of the good SSL certificate provider companies like Godaddy, HostGator, etc. charge you between $70-100/year for a single SSL certificate. Other certificate issuing authorities may cost you between $90-200/year depending on the type of SSL certificate.

But don’t worry, I am going to tell you about the free companies which are offering free SSL certificates as an attempt to make the internet safer. Let’s Encrypt is one of the non-profit organization which provides a free SSL certificate. But believe me, it is too hard to install the certificate from this website. If you have any hosting company which provides support for Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate then it becomes easier to install as it can be done directly from the host dashboard.


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Cloudflare Free SSL | Source: Cloudflare


Cloudflare is the most popular company and the best free SSL certificate provider in the world which provides a free SSL certificate without charging a single penny from you. And the best part of Cloudflare is that you can install an SSL certificate from Cloudflare hassle-free and in an easy way. Cloudflare also provides protection from DDOS attacks and always stands in front of your website thus protecting it from attackers.

You can easily get a free SSL certificate by registering your domain on Cloudflare website and within a day you will get a free SSL certificate on your website from Cloudflare.

There are many other free SSL certificate generator websites, like freessl, sslforfree, zerossl, etc. But believe me, Cloudflare is above all of these as it provides many other extra services like DDOS protection, DNS resolver, caching, CDN etc. for free in addition to a free SSL certificate. For the unknowns, my website also uses protection from Cloudflare free SSL.

Have a WordPress Website?

Really Simple SSL Plugin | Source:

If you have a WordPress website and you want to install an SSL certificate, then Cloudflare is a better choice for you. After getting a free SSL certificate from Cloudflare, you have to install ‘Really Simple SSL’ plugin to avoid mixed content and infinite loop problems. This plugin will install a free SSL certificate from any company on your WordPress website and will redirect your visitors automatically from HTTP to HTTPS version of the website.

Download Really Simple SSL plugin for WordPress from here.

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Hope this much information is sufficient for you to install a free SSL certificate on your website. Any further queries? Ask me in the comments section below. Do not forget to subscribe to this website to get the latest technology updates right in your inbox.

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