In-display Fingerprint Scanner | Technology Behind It Explained

Hello, Hitech’ians welcome back to my another tech post. In this post, I will tell you about the new advancement in technology and a new way to unlock your smartphone- the in-display fingerprint scanner. So, without wasting much time let’s head over to it.

Since the introduction of iPhone 5s, you all are using fingerprint scanners in your smartphones. Even you trust your fingers far more than the passcode in order to secure your smartphone. For 5 years, you are familiar with the physical fingerprint scanner available either on the front or rear panel of the smartphone. But now-a-days, a new technology of fingerprint scanning is been used in the smartphones- ‘the in-display fingerprint scanner’. Many of the smartphone manufacturers are now started to be using in-display fingerprint scanners already. Let me tell you how this in-display fingerprint technology actually works?

in-display fingerprint sensor technology: How it works?

The in-display fingerprint sensor makes use of an optical fingerprint sensor to capture the fingerprint data and is installed under the phone’s screen. The Vivo on-screen fingerprint phone like Vivo X21 and the in-display fingerprint sensor phone Xiaomi Mi 8 use Synaptics’ Clear ID sensor for high-resolution fingerprint scanning. The Clear ID sensor, which is a CMOS chip named Clear ID FS9500, is currently supported only on OLED and AMOLED displays.

The in-display fingerprint scanner works by capturing the reflected light of the fingerprint through the OLED pixels. So, when you touch the phone’s screen, the display lights up to brighten the fingerprint. The sensor then captures a high-resolution scan of your fingerprint through the light reflected from the gaps between the pixels.

To make sure that the fingerprint data is being read accurately by the sensor, you’d need to press the smartphone’s screen slightly. This is done so that the sensor is able to differentiate between the valleys and ridges of each fingerprint.

Interestingly, the fingerprint matching is done through Synaptics’ Quantum Matcher software, rather using the in-house Match-In-Sensor technology. Meanwhile, the fingerprint sensor uses the host’s sensors to light-up the area and activate the scanner.

in-display fingerprint scanner: The other players in the market:

Apart from Synaptics, there are other manufacturers who are manufacturing and continuously focusing on how to make in-display fingerprint scanning more accurate and fast.

1. In March 2018, Goodix started shipping its own manufactured optical in-display fingerprint reader. Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS is the first commercially available smartphone to use Goodix’s in-display fingerprint sensor inside it.

2. Qualcomm is also ready to introduce its own developed ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. These Qualcomm-introduced sensors will be soon used in upcoming smartphones.

Advantages of in-display fingerprint scanner over the physical fingerprint scanners:

1. The in-display fingerprint scanners work well with dry and wet fingers both as compared to traditional fingerprint scanners in the smartphones.

2. The in-display fingerprint scanner proves to be useful when compared with the rear fingerprint sensors. As the rear fingerprint sensors are too inappropriate for the placing of fingers and the phone must be raised to use the rear fingerprint scanners.

3. The in-display scanners are far more secure than the physical fingerprint scanners.

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Currently, the speed of the in-display fingerprint readers are not so fast as these are currently in developing stage and by using these scanners in the phone the smartphone manufacturers are measuring the capability of these scanners to scan the fingerprints. With the advancement of time and technology, these in-display fingerprint scanners will improve and will unlock your smartphone in milliseconds. In the future, Apple will surely consider this new technology along with its ‘Face-unlock’ in the upcoming iPhone’s!

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