Increase Gaming Performance And FPS By Following Just Three Tips


While playing a game you suddenly experience a frame drop, screen tearing, frequent lags, and many other problems. Have you ever imagined why these problems occur? This becomes a cause of worry if you have purchased a powerful gaming laptop or assembled gaming PC and in most of the games, you experience lags and low FPS. So don’t worry I’m going to tell you about some of the basic tips to increase gaming performance and FPS. These tips will solve basic questions of gamers like how to improve gaming performance on a laptop, how to increase fps on a laptop, how to optimize pc for gaming, etc.

Increase gaming performance and FPS Tip 1:

Update your graphics card driver

increase gaming performance and fps
GeForce Experience Software by NVIDIA | Source: NVIDIA

This is the most important tip which you must follow in order to get the maximum frame rate from your laptop. This looks like a very common tip but believe me this is the king of all the graphic improving tips. Updating the graphic driver makes your graphics card more robust and powerful.

Every day new gaming titles are releasing with various new features and technologies. So in order to render the graphics of modern high-end games, graphics drivers play a major role in it.

“The drivers add the required source code and features in the graphics card so that they can handle the graphics-intensive games smoothly”

Now, you must be wondering how to download the appropriate graphics driver. Previously it was a bit tough but nowadays GPU manufacturers have their own GPU software that handles the in-game graphics settings, hardware graphics settings, updating of drivers, etc. If you are having the NVIDIA graphics card installed on your system then you can download NVIDIA GeForce Experience software from here and if you are using AMD Radeon graphics card then you can download the appropriate software from here.

Note: Always make sure to check whether the software supports your graphics card model or not. Remember to check the system requirements of the software before downloading it. This is important to prevent future issues while enjoying your favorite game.

If you don’t want to download the software and want to get the drivers manually then you can visit this site, if you’re an NVIDIA user and this site, if you’re an AMD user. But installing software for the appropriate GPU manufacturer is recommended because it not only update the drivers but also provides various graphics settings that you can tweak to get the maximum gaming performance from your hardware.

Increase gaming performance and FPS Tip 2:

Select only high performance dedicated GPU for your games

increase gaming performance and fps
GPU selection in NVIDIA control panel

Sometimes we ignore by which GPU we are playing games. This mistake generally happens in gaming laptops where two graphics options are present. One is the dedicated graphics card which is your NVIDIA or AMD and another is your processor’s inbuilt graphics.

This option is present inside our laptop intentionally so that our daily tasks such as browsing, listening to music,  creating office presentations must be handled by the processor’s inbuilt graphics card and the software which requires heavy graphical performance such as games must be handled by the dedicated GPU’s.

“But sometimes due to lack of care and some wrong settings, the GPU selection becomes wrong. So it must be corrected asap!”

In order to correct this setting, you have to go to your graphics card control panel by right-clicking and select high-performance GPU or similar in the preferred graphics processor option in the appropriate game or software.

If you are unable to find this option then kindly download the software which I have mentioned above in the first tip. By selecting the dedicated GPU for your games/software you can get the maximum FPS and you will also experience a boost in your games just like you have enabled FPS booster.

You can also choose the ‘Auto select’ option in the preferred graphics processor settings so that the computer must decide which GPU is suitable for the particular software or games.

Note: You must change the preferred graphics processor option in the particular software or game only. And if you’ll select dedicated GPU for all your software then, the laptop battery life may get affected and the laptop might get hot. You must select the GPU locally within a particular software/game and in a global setting, you must select the “Auto select GPU” option.

If you still get stuck and don’t know what to do then feel free to ask me in the comments section, I will help you surely:)

Increase gaming performance and FPS Tip 3:

Choose High-Performance mode under power options:

high performance mode windows 10
High-Performance mode in Windows power options

Dear gamers! this is the main reason due to which your powerful gaming laptop/PC fails to give you the desired gaming performance. Generally, our laptops are either in balanced mode or in power-saving mode while working and we also don’t care about this because we prefer battery life in the laptops the most. But this is the main drawback while gaming.

If you want to get the maximum FPS and reduced lag while gaming, then you must set your Windows power mode to ‘High Performance’. What High-performance mode does is that it enables the processor inside our laptop/PC to run at a maximum frequency which is measured in GHz. When the CPU runs at its maximum clock speed then it computes various tasks simultaneously at a rapid speed and also without any lag.

If you enable the high-performance mode then you also unlock the processor capability to utilize all its threads and cores efficiently which is recommended for high-end gaming. In order to enable this mode to go to Control Panel->Hardware and Sound->Power Options and then select high-performance mode to experience high-end gaming on your gaming machine.

“Your laptop battery might drain fast so don’t forget to plug in the charger before starting any game in high-performance mode”

If you are unable to find this option then you can enable this mode in your laptop/PC manufacturer software. Such as if you are using Asus ROG then you can use Asus Armoury Crate software and if you are an Acer Nitro user then you can use Acer NitroSense software and can enable High-performance mode or similar in it. If you’re still having any problem then you can ask me in the comments section below.

But wait you have just unlocked the full potential of CPU only, what about GPU? So in order to do this, you have to go to your GPU control panel by right-clicking and then under power settings just select maximum performance or similar option. If you can’t find this option in the GPU control panel then check it inside the GPU software (For GPU software check tip 1 above).

Hooray! you have unlocked the full potential of both CPU and GPU. Now it’s time to get a chicken dinner!

Points to remember before following the above tips:

  • If you are having less powerful GPU and CPU, then these tips may not work properly as most of these tips apply to the gaming laptops and PC which are having powerful latest gen CPU and a powerful dedicated GPU like NVIDIA GTX and AMD Radeon.
  • If you are having less powerful CPU and GPU, then by following the above tips you can slightly increase the gaming performance but if you are having powerful hardware then you can increase 70-80% gaming performance by following the above tips.
  • Your laptop might get hot if you are gaming a lot, with the settings explained above. So it is recommended to monitor CPU and GPU temperature in your laptop manufacture software. If possible then set the CPU and GPU fans to maximum speed while gaming with the above settings to ensure 20-30% better cooling.
  • Software, drivers and settings may be different for different GPU and CPU. So better do proper research on the GPU/CPU manufacturer website to prevent any future issues.
  • If you find any difficulty in following any step, then feel free to ask me in the comments section below. I’ll be glad to help you.

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These are the top three tips which you must follow to increase gaming performance and FPS. There are many other tips also but these are the top tips which every gamer must follow. I’m planning to write about more tips also. So, you can suggest me on which gaming performance topic I must write an article. What are your thoughts regarding these tips? Tell me in the comments section below.

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