iOS 13 Features will Amaze you Surely at WWDC 2019

Every year Apple conducts WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) in May-June. This event mainly focuses on software products. At this event, Apple releases its various OS updates including iOS, tvOS, and MacOS. This year also Apple is going to release the regular software updates for its products including new iOS 13 features.

wwdc 2019
WWDC Event | Source: ilounge

But WWDC 2019 is the far most anticipated event which is going to be held by Apple this year. Because a major update of next iOS will be released named as iOS 13. The update will be loaded with several new iOS 13 features and improved performance.

For the unknowns, Apple has skipped various major changes in the recent iOS version – iOS 12, in order to improve the performance and stability of an operating system which was all ruined by iOS 11 in 2017. After improving the performance and stability of iOS, Apple is planning to add some great new features in iOS 13.

You might be wondering about what are the new features coming this year in the latest iOS 13. Great! you have arrived at the right place. In this post, I am going to tell you about some of the iOS 13 upcoming features which are going to arrive this year in iOS 13. So, without wasting much time let’s head over to it.

iOS 13 Features:

Split Screen:


ios 13 features split screen
iOS 13 Split Screen | Source: Macworld

Split screen functionality is great who want to multi-task at the same time. You might have used split screen functionality in the latest iPads, Android devices, and as recently available in new Samsung Galaxy Fold devices, which allows users to open 3 apps at once.

Now, iPhone users also will be able to multi-task on their iPhones through split-screen functionality. This feature is going to arrive in the next iOS update – iOS 13, this year.

Enhanced Power Mode:

Generally, users always complain of low-battery backup on their iPhone. But, this year Apple has decided to give an interesting feature named as- Enhanced Power Mode.

According to sources, after enabling this feature on the iPhone, the battery will be saved for more time than previously, without effecting iPhone performance. This mode will arrive this year in iOS 13.

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App lock:

This is the most important feature which an iPhone miss every year in iOS updates. But this time, a lot of rumors are suggesting that Apple is finally planning to provide an App Lock feature in iOS 13.

With the use of App Lock, you can lock your personal apps like photos, messages, settings, etc. so that no one else can put his/her nose inside your personal stuff and settings.

If this feature really arrives in iOS 13, then it will be the most important step towards user privacy, for which Apple is best known!

iOS 13 Concept Video which you can Enjoy !!!

Improved UI:

The iOS 13 will be the next major update of iOS. Several years have spent, when we have seen the changed UI. From iOS 8, the UI of every iOS updates is the same which have nearly bored some of the users.

But this time Apple has decided to revamp the design of iOS 13 with modern round-edged and dynamic home screen icons. A lot of rumors are also suggesting that Apple can remove the app name below each app icon, thus leaving only the app icon on the home screen.

iOS 13 can also arrive without a signature bottom dock. Let’s see which rumors are going to become true in the next iOS update this year.

Faster Performance and Improved Stability:

Learning a lesson from iOS 11, Apple has decided to give the best iOS 13 ‘all at once’ to the user. Best means- best performance, best power consumption, best graphics performance, best stability, and lot more.

We can only judge the performance of next iOS when it finally comes in our iPhone. Till then, we can only pray for Apple!

Improved Notifications:


ui apple
iOS 13 Revamped Volume Bar | Source: newsbytesapp

Generally, the main focus of every OS update is to minimize user distraction as more as possible and giving enhanced performance.

By following this principle, Apple has decided to convert its old square ‘Volume Notification’ to a fine strip along the side of a screen.

Similarly, ‘Call Notification’ will be shown to you just as a single strip with the accept and decline buttons instead of an old full-screen call notification screen.

Various other apps and message notifications are going to be changed in iOS 13. I think iOS has started following Android features path!

iOS 13 Dark Mode:


dark mode
iOS 13 Dark Mode | Source: 9to5mac

This is one of the most anticipated features of iOS. It is in full demand since it was first introduced in Mac OS Mojave. Every user wants to experience dark mode in their iPhones.

By seeing the craze of dark mode, Apple has provided the ‘Smart invert’ option in iOS 12 using which user can invert the color of their iPhone screen and turn it to dark color.

Recently many tech companies have embedded dark mode in their apps, such as in YouTube, Twitter, etc.

This year Apple is finally going to add a dedicated ‘Dark Mode’ option in the new iOS 13 to become a part of this changing technological world and people.

Hope you have read and seen by yourself, all the upcoming features of iOS 13. Many new features can be seen in the iOS 13 concept video provided above. 

Majority of the features shown in the concept video are believed to arrive in actual in iOS 13.

Who will get iOS 13?

This is the most burning question asked by every Apple user each year. But, you already know that Apple is known for its best secrecy techniques.

According to me, Apple will cover all the iPhones starting from iPhone 6 to the latest iPhone XS Max and in iPads ranging from iPad Pro (10.5), iPad Pro (11), iPad Pro (12.9, 2017 and 2018), iPad 2017, iPad 2018.

I have predicted this because each apple device gets a five year of assured updates.

Talking about iPhone 5S, time is over for this phone. While for an iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, and 6S Plus, this update is for these iPhones because the major update was skipped last year by Apple due to performance and stability improvement updates instead.

When iOS 13 will get released?

iOS 13 will be released as a beta update at WWDC 2019 in June 2019. The public version of iOS 13 will be rolled out when the new iPhones will be released in September 2019.

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Which feature of iOS 13 you are eagerly waiting for? Tell me in the comments section below. Do not forget to subscribe to this website in order to get the latest technology updates right in your inbox.

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