Malwarebytes Can Remove Threats From Your Computer In Just A Single Click And Is Completely Free Too

    Today I’m gonna tell you one of the best ways to remove malware and viruses on your computer. There is a software named as Malwarebytes, which is very popular for removing threats from your computer.

    malwarebytes antivirus

    Remember this post is not sponsored by Malwarebytes. I have tested this software personally and I fell in love with this. So basically there are various virus and malware removal tools available on the internet, but most of them are useless and the one which is good, is overpriced.

    The most amazing thing about this malware removal tool is that it’s free of cost. There is also a premium version of this product but there is no need to buy the premium version as all the threats of your computer can be removed by the free version only. So in order to protect your computer from the latest online threats, I’m gonna tell you some of the important features of this product.

    Malwarebytes: Important Features

    malwarebytes two

    • First of all, you can know how good this software is by just knowing that it’s trusted by CNET, Tech Radar, PCMag, and other great tech experts.
    • This product comes in two variant which is personal and business variant. If you want to protect your business from cyber threats then you can choose a business variant and if you want this software just for yourself, then personal variant will be the better choice. I’m gonna review the personal variant only.
    • The premium version of the personal variant starts comes in the 3 price plan in which the first plan supports 1 device at USD 39.99 /yr, the second plan supports 5 devices at USD 79.99 /yr, and the third plan supports 5 devices and also offers privacy features through VPN at USD 99.99 /yr.
    • So now you must be thinking that what’s the difference between free and premium versions? Will the free version be able to clear the threats residing inside my computer?  So, don’t worry there’s only a minute difference which is explained below.
    • The free version of this product protects your computer after your computer gets infected and when you’re unaware of any malware inside your computer. And the premium version protects your computer in real-time so that any malware should not get inside your computer.
    • Now the point arises that why you should use a free version of this product instead of purchasing it? So I must tell you that if you are using Windows 7 or above then you must be also using Windows Defender which is also an antivirus (antimalware tool) developed by Windows. So it protects your computer in real-time which means you don’t have to worry about real-time protection.
    • But if somehow any virus or malware gets skipped by the Windows Defender’s real-time protection or normal scan then Malwarebytes act as an extra shield for your computer. It removes all the threats hidden in complicated locations such as rootkits and system folders. Just hit a scan button and all the threats will be removed from your computer.
    • In this way by using antivirus software and Malwarebytes together, you can enable two shield protection for your computer. The usage of this software is necessary because some threats always get missed by the antivirus software and Malwarebytes finally removes the remaining threats.
    • Scanning use 50 percent less CPU resource which results into reduced load on your computer.
    • The interface of Malwarebytes is clear and directive and you can start using this product without any confusion.
    • You get the various themes options in this software including the famous Dark theme.
    • You’ll be surely amazed by hearing that Malwarebytes is also available to download on iOS and Android. This means your smartphone is also ready to go in the safe hands of Malwarebytes.

    Malwarebytes: Download For Free

    Other Products By Malwarebytes

    • You can use Malwarebytes AdwCleaner to remove annoying programs from your computer and reduce the load on your computer and its memory.
    • Malwarebytes Browser Guard is another product by Malwarebytes which protects your browser from online scams, ads, and trackers. Download link for Chrome browser is here and for Firefox it’s here.

    My Verdict On This Product

    If you need software that can completely remove all the malware and threats from your computer, then Malwarebytes is a must for you. This software is free of cost too. Malwarebytes also offers a premium trial for 14 days through which you can also see the power of a premium version of this product. Remember to keep an antivirus software also to protect your computer in real-time.

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    Are you ready to protect your computer from threats? What do you think of this product? Tell me in the comments section below.

    If you need any help in installing this software then feel free to ask in the comments section. I’ll be glad to help you:)

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