Night Sight Mode on Pixel Devices- Enables you to see through the Dark


Hello, Hitech’ian welcome back to my another tech post. In this post, I am going to tell you about the latest Night sight mode that is now made available by Google. So, without wasting much time, let’s head over to it.

Now-a-days many smartphone companies are introducing various Night mode for low-light photography. But recently what Google has done in this field is just in one word-Marvellous!. Tech giant Google has recently introduced the update for its Pixel devices called as Night Sight.

All you need is to just tap on the shutter button and the amazing low-light photo with vibrant colors will be taken by your Pixel camera. You already know that Pixel’s camera is amazing as it uses various features such as HDR+, Portrait mode, Super Res Zoom, Top Shot and machine learning to capture stunning and professional photos.

night sight mode 1
iPhone XS with SmartHDR (left), and Pixel 3 with Night Sight (right). | Image Credit:

But when it is used along with Night Sight mode photos look stunning even in low-light. This Night Sight mode is available to use with both front and rear cameras.

Night Sight Mode- How it actually works?

Before pressing the shutter button, Night Sight measures your natural hand shake, and also measures how much motion is in the scene. Night Sight works better when the hand is still and also when you hold your Pixel device firmly.

When the device is stable and the scene is still then the Pixel camera gathers more light from the surroundings to minimize the noise. If you shake your Pixel while using Night Sight mode or if there’s some amount of scene motion, then Night Sight will use shorter exposures, capturing less light in order to minimize motion blur.

Night Sight adapts to you and the environment constantly, to capture stunning low-light photos with your Pixel camera. To capture true-to-life photos, Night Sight uses machine learning which helps to balance the color of your photo which guarantees that objects in your photo show their natural color at night.

For detailed information on how Night Sight captures stunning low-light information head over to Google AI Blog.

Night Sight Mode- How and when to use it?

When you are taking a photo in low-light, then Pixel will suggest you to use Night Sight. You can enter Night Sight either by tapping on suggestion or manually selecting the mode in camera.

After tapping on the shutter button, try to hold still until Night Sight mode finishes capturing the photo.

night sight mode 2
Night Sight on Pixel 3 XL | Image Credit:

Note: It is to be noted that some light is needed to capture stunning low-light photos. The camera and Night Sight mode doesn’t work in complete darkness.

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This mode is currently rolling as an official build for Pixel devices on Google Camera app. But an unofficial build will also be made available to download for other premium smartphones like OnePlus, Samsung, Nokia, etc.

If you own one of these premium smartphones then you can also enjoy Night Sight mode in your smartphone just like in other Pixel devices. But is to be noted that Pixel camera is designed to work better with Night Sight mode as compared to the cameras of other smartphones.

What do you think about this Night Sight mode? Will it replace the modern DSLR’s or latest iPhone? Tell me in the comments section below and do not forget to subscribe to this website in order to get the latest tech posts right in your inbox.

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