Solve “Which Device Did You Plug In?” Problem In Windows 10


Today I’m gonna share a solution of one of the mysterious but a very annoying problem which generally occurs with some users. But finding the solution to that problem is not so easy. When you’ll google the solution to this mysterious problem, then you’ll find several articles written in a very confusing language and most of them are useless and fake. This problem generally occurs with the users having Windows 10 with the Realtek HD Audio driver.

solve which device did you plug in error in 4 easy steps
This is the annoying pop-up

Why I’m calling this problem as annoying because when you plug in your headphones/earphones via the headphone jack on the PC/laptop, then a pop-up gets displayed automatically on the lower right corner of the screen asking you ‘Which Device Did You Plug-In?’. You think that you can ignore that pop-up but ignoring it only doesn’t work as the sound will still be played via your laptop/PC speakers instead of your headphones/earphones or if you select the appropriate device then still the sound will not be played in the earphones. There is only one way to play music on your headphones is that you click every time on the pop-up.

‘But wait, why to do so if you have got the easiest step to disable this pop-up for always?’

If you’re one among those users then you must follow the few steps given below to solve this annoying problem.

Solve “Which Device Did You Plug In?” Problem In Windows 10 In Few Steps

  1. Plug-in your external earphone/headphone in the PC/laptop headphone jack. Wait for few milliseconds for the pop-up to get appeared.
  2. Hover the mouse cursor on the pop-up. Then, click on a small gear icon out of the two options present on the top-right corner of the pop-up message.
  3. Then select the turn-off/disable the notification option.
  4. That’s it! you’ve successfully solved “Which Device Did You Plug In?” problem and that annoying pop-up will never show again unless you update the audio driver or Windows.

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Do you like this one-of-the easiest solution to this problem? Have you ever faced this problem? Tell me in the comments section below.

If you’re unable to follow the above steps then feel free to ask me in the comments section. I’ll be glad to help you:)

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