Vivaldi Web Browser Is A New Rival For Google Chrome | Know It Why


Vivaldi Web Browser Beta Launches for Android

vivaldi web browser beta
Source: Vivaldi

Vivaldi, a freeware, cross-platform and, chromium-based web browser originated by the founders of Opera software, has finally released its beta web browser for Android devices. Vivaldi web browser is been used currently by many users and on various platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Linux and is hugely praised by many users. The browser brings some of the key features like swipe gesture for navigation, privacy controls including a no-tracking option, and built-in note-taking functionality.

“I hope this browser is going to be far better than Opera”

Vivaldi Web Browser Beta Key Features

1. You can securely sync your passwords, notes, bookmarks, and more between devices with end-to-end protection.

2. You can browse privately without worrying about browser history, as any temporary files, sites visited, pages etc. is not going to be stored in the browser.

3. You can add your favorite sites on the custom Speed Dials section in the new tab page of the browser. So, you can visit your favorite sites faster than before.

4. You can also create the notes while you browse, and can sync them securely between any device.

vivaldi android screenshot
Full Page Screenshot Feature on Vivaldi Browser for Android | Source: Vivaldi

5. The most interesting feature of this web browser is that it allows you to take either full-page screenshot or of only the visible area.

6. You can also find your opened tabs, recently closed tabs, tabs opened on other devices, and private tabs, quickly in just a single swipe.

“All the above features are hugely required by every user in its browser”

All Features Of  This Browser One-By-One

1. Encrypted Sync

2. Screen Capture

3. Notes with rich text support

4. Speed Dial shortcuts for favorites

5. Private tabs

6. Bookmarks manager

7. Recently closed tabs

8. Search Engine nicknames

9. Clone tab

10. Downloads manager

11. Reader Mode

12. Dark Mode

“Your favorite dark mode is here too!”

vivaldi dark theme
Vivaldi Web Browser Dark Theme | Source: Vivaldi

Vivaldi’s only mission is to provide a user-friendly UI which makes navigation easier. The main benefit of this user-friendly UI is that instead of having to go through multiple steps to reach some menus and tabs, it can be done in just a few taps.

“I think Vivaldi browser cares more of user’s browsing needs than other browsers, right?”

The final public version of this Android web browser will tell, whether it’s capable of competing with Google Chrome browser or not. If users like this browser and its features, then it can become a serious rival for Chrome browser on Android.

For the unknowns, Vivaldi browser for Android is currently available in beta for devices running Android 5.0 and above. According to the company, a tablet version of this web browser is still under development. Till date, there’s no update on the Vivaldi browser for iOS version.

“If you’re an iOS user, then you have to wait to download it on your iPhone”

Vivaldi Browser Download Links

Here is the Vivaldi Web Browser Download link for Android and Vivaldi Web Browser Download link for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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