Xiaomi Ad Blocker Tool Is Coming | Know Here How To Enable It

Xiaomi Ad Blocker Tool is Coming!

Xiaomi is hugely criticized for serving ads in its MIUI for a long time. MIUI Adblock feature is in continuous demand by the users. After receiving a lot of feedback by the annoyed customers, the company is now planning to bring the Xiaomi Ad Blocker tool to allow users to control ads in their MIUI. Xiaomi has started testing a new “Ad Switch” feature which will allow users to opt-out of seeing all system ads with a single toggle.

“This feature is currently in the development stage and is soon going to be rolled out via a stable update”

xiaomi ad blocker tool blog post
Weibo Blog Post | Source: weibo.com

According to CEO Lei Jun, MIUI 11 will cut down on ads and remove the vulgar ads too. Xiaomi’s MIUI Experience Chief has also revealed in a Weibo post that the company has already started testing a feature which will allow users opt-out of seeing ads in MIUI. This whole feature has been implemented in the form of a switch which can be used by the user to enable or disable ads.

“Remember, Xiaomi Ad Blocker tool might not be compatible with every Xiaomi device”

Xiaomi started testing this new ad system in MIUI after receiving a lot of negative feedback from users. According to a Xiaomi representative explaining to Android Authority, upcoming MIUI update in China will allow users to disable display ads and it’ll also affect system apps such as Calendar, Download manager, installer, etc. He also added that he can’t tell more on the roll-out timeline.

“Yeah! of-course he can’t put his job in danger”

How To Enable Xiaomi Ad Blocker Tool | How To Disable Ads In MIUI 10?

xiaomi ad blocker button
Xiaomi MIUI Ad Blocker Switch is in Development | Source: weibo.com

The MIUI’s ad switch feature is currently being tested in China in the ‘final development version of MIUI 10‘, but when it’ll arrive for other markets, no one can tell. According to the sources, the switch will be accessible from this path in MIUI: Settings–> Privacy Agreement, etc –> System tool Advertising.

“This Ad Blocker tool may arrive in the upcoming update of MIUI 11”

New Xiaomi Web Browser

xiaomi web browser
Xiaomi New In-House Web Browser is Under Testing | Source: weibo.com

Apart from intrusive ads, Xiaomi has also received some negative feedback from the students on the bad information flow inside its in-house web browser. Therefore, Xiaomi started testing a lighter version of its web browser which will offer a simple interface and won’t provide users with a flood of useless information.

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According to Xiaomi in a recent interview, ads are an integral part of their business model and an efficient way to generate revenue. Therefore, it’ll be exciting to see how and to what extent Xiaomi prohibits ads in MIUI.

Here is the official Weibo blog post by Xiaomi, stating these upcoming features.

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